The Grönstedt Family Saga

Enjoy my latest book about the Grönstedt family – in Swedish only – which traces my family on my maternal grandfather’s side from the 17th century.

Sweden and the Family

This is the photograph of my mother, Karin and her sister, Brita which links the Veronese painting with my family and started the idea for the story about the Grönstedts.

Travel through history

The Grönstedt family was first recorded as soldiers in Karl XII army during Sweden’s imperialist past. Five generations served in Dalarna’s Regiment, Dalregementet. One of the Grönstedts became famous as a wine merchant and this square in Leksand was named after him.

The story starts in Venice

The story started in Venice

Family and art history combined in this story of this small oil painting, a copy of Veronese’s altarpiece for San Zaccaria in Venice. From there it starts its journey on the Grand Tour.

Scotland and the Dukes of Hamilton

Which Duke of Hamilton brought the painting home to Hamilton Palace in Scotland? This part of the mystery has not been solved, so maybe there will be a second edition of the book. Watch this space!

Finding Veronese

Read all about the painting’s journey (in English) in my Amazon E-book, Finding Veronese: Memoir of a Painting, or find out about the family Grönstedt in my latest book (in Swedish) Från Dalarna till Saltsjöbaden – familjen Grönstedts historia.