Finding Veronese….. in London

As Veronese fever hits London later this month, when the Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery opens, my new book has reached the Amazon digital shelves. This has been a labour of love as they say which started with a small painting, which I inherited from my mother. For the last year and a half I have traced its history through various owners until it arrived in my grand-father’s home nearly 100 years ago.

In pursuit of its history I visited Venice last Spring to find out more about the original, a Veronese altarpiece. Martin Randall Tours as some people know are the experts at this sort of thing. Lots of culture, good food and plenty of wine! I walked all over the city in the footsteps of the great man, no not Martin Randall, but Paolo Veronese. site name generator . We went by boat to Torcello and there I made an interesting discovery, as well as getting very cold!

I spent several weeks in Sweden pursuing my story in archives and in the suburb of Saltsjobaden where my grand-parents lived. I also met up with many of my numerous cousins, discovering a treasure trove of photographs taken in the 1920s and ’30s. And made another important discovery.

I spent a week in Scotland, visiting the seat of the Dukes of Hamilton at Lennoxlove, as well as their original home at Hamilton. This small painting was once part of the great collection. Of course there is nothing left of the great Hamilton Palace except for the Mausoleum. And that was another interesting visit!

Several eminent curators have offered advice and opinions on the origin of the small painting, is it a study or is it a later copy? Back home in London, I came to the final chapter of the book after months of writing. I had to provide some answers after all this searching. And I have, for now…..

The original of my painting – the Altarpiece from San Zaccaria Chuch in Venice now in the Gallerie dell’Accademia – will be in the National Gallery exhibition, starting on 19th March. More information here

Download the book, Finding Veronese: Memoir of a Painting at or  v. Search under
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