Finding Veronese – looking forward

An amazing year has passed in the story of My Painting. After so much research involving sources and people in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, the United States and here in London the book was published in March 2014. This was in time for the major Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery which transformed the great rooms of the gallery to provide the best setting for paintings in the collection already and from overseas. The critics agreed that it marked a milestone in our appreciation of Paolo Veronese and his work.

In August I travelled to Verona, on an opera tour, but took the opportunity, of course to see the Veronese exhibition again in the town where he was born. While the exhibition in Verona did not have the magnificent setting of the National Gallery, it added further to our understanding of Veronese with many drawings.

The altarpiece from San Zaccaria in Venice was one of many wonderful paintings in the exhibition and stood up well among the many later paintings where Veronese excelled at his art as he got older. My book about the painting, published on Kindle as an E-book, was well received by those who read it but did not reach the larger readership that I had hoped for, partly due to its E-book format.

So I am now working on the second edition, which will be in print as well as an E-book. So the research continues, focusing on several areas: Veronese’s childhood in Verona and the art he would have seen in the city’s churches at the time; More about Joseph Smith and the many visitors who came to Venice during his time; How did the painting reach the Hamiltons in Scotland? And what happened when my grandfather travelled to Switzerland?

If you are reading this for the first time and have comments or information to share, do get in touch. I am aiming for Spring 2015 for the second edition. Watch this space!

Ylva French
December 2014