A gripping read…..

The first review of my new book has appeared on Amazon, describing the book as a “gripping read”.  And goes on to say…

“A most enjoyable read that keeps you on tenterhooks throughout. Living on the flight path covered in the book brings home the reality of the dreadful consequences should such a disaster occur. The author is to be congratulated for her research into the local areas involved and the creation of some very plausible characters.”

The Go Around”, is now on Amazon as an E-book.  Set in London it’s a fictional account of what could happen one day when the elaborate systems we create to avoid air accidents break down. This is a tragic drama of course but the focus is on those on the ground – how do Londoners cope as part of the suburbs is engulfed by the catastrophe. Go to www.amazon.co.uk to download and read on your Kindle, Ipad or PC.