The Go Around is a story for the 21st century where millions of people enjoy the ease and pleasure of air travel but also live in cities and towns below busy flight paths.

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Every day some 1,300 aircraft land and take off from Heathrow Airport (as many of you are well aware).  Most days I can see those aircraft from my flat as they descend in an orderly line over central London, heading west.  It’s a miracle that it hardly ever goes wrong.

After all so many things could happen from human error and mechanical failure to terrorist attacks and – in the last year a new hazard – drones.  Several years ago I had the idea to write a fictional story about an accident on the flight path and what it would mean on the ground.  I finished the story and put it away.  A visit to the Heathrow Control Tower in the spring of last year brought it all back and I decided to rework the story and publish it as an eBook.

 It is a sunny afternoon in August and conditions at Heathrow Airport are perfect with aircraft on the flight path approaching the runway in a steady stream.  The unthinkable happens – two aircraft collide over London’s western suburbs. The peace and enjoyment of a summer Saturday is shattered, as London’s emergency services respond to the disastrous consequences.

 Quite a sombre subject, you will agree, as inevitably it involves many people dying and others suffering injury and loss.  But there are miracles too, in this story, many individual acts of consideration and bravery as well as an unlikely report that there are two survivors from one of the planes. Is that possible?

As the world’s media gather at the disaster centre in a town hall in South West London, the quest starts to find out what went wrong.  Somebody must surely be at fault – or is it just the systems pushed to their limit?

All the characters and events in this book are purely imaginary.

 The Go Around by Ylva French is available from the Amazon Kindle Store

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