About Ylva French

Ylva at Sven Harry’s Art Gallery in Stockholm.

Ylva at Sven Harry’s Art Gallery in Stockholm.

I have spent most of my career working in tourism and culture as a marketing and public relations professional, for a short spell in Hong Kong but mostly in London.  I have worked for large and small organisations and run my own company for many years.  Writing has always been part of my work and over the years I have been able to write and edit books on London and on marketing communications.  I am now writing full-time (and still play a role as a trustee in some cultural organisations).

I was born in Sweden and come to London to study.  Like many others I decided to stay and made English my first language, although the Swedish is still there, and comes in useful on visits to Stockholm, and welcoming members of my large Swedish family here in London.

Earlier books include the Blue Guide to London (five editions), London for the Disabled Visitor, Marketing and Public Relations Handbook for Museums, Galleries and Heritage Attractions with Sue Runyard (The Stationery Office 1999) and Public Relations for Leisure and Tourism (Longmans). Marketing and Public Relations for Museums and Galleries by Ylva French and Sue Runyard was published in 2011.

In 2014 I completed my research into the painting of the Veronese Altarpiece and Finding Veronese: Memoir of a Painting was published as an E-Book on Amazon, still available.

As a result of my research in Sweden I was encouraged to produce something more about the family Grönstedt and in the summer of 2015 I travelled in Dalarna and visited some of the places where the Grönstedt family had their roots. More research followed in the autumn, using the online Swedish Church archives, libraries, and talking to my siblings, cousins and others. A large number of photographs also helped me to piece together a surprising story. This is now the book, in Swedish, Från Dalarna till Saltsjöbaden – familjen Grönstedts historia, available from me, , price 150 kr or £15 postage and packing.

To find out more about my new book “The Go Around” go to Blog on this site.